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  1. Notes taken while developing the URI Template spec
    1. 20130429
    2. 20130507
    3. 20150220

1. Notes taken while developing the URI Template spec

1.1. 20130429

  • separate jars:
    • Basic library, useful to biology or the postmaster general. These are useful to any discipline.
    • Second is specific extensions for space physics. These must be implemented for any library. This also demonstrates how extensions are done. (Carrington rotation)
    • Third jar is site specific applications. URIs using these will only work within the domain. (Autoplot orbits)

(this is now deemed obsolete - everything can fit into one jar)

1.2. 20130507


  1. global modifiers:
    1. $(duration;span=1d)
    2. $(tver;n=001)
  2. we did not put the span in anywhere - it should be an optional modifier on the hour, minute and second codes
  3. come up with examples for everything (both to show how to use them and motivate/justify them)
  4. should we list all the single character codes that the spec will never use so that people could use them in custom extensions
  5. other modifiers that go with lots of codes (the 'start' and 'end' ones for example)
  6. doesn't make sense to have separate jars now - there is no space physics specific stuff left - only personal extensions which I think we should barely mention (only the part about which codes we won't use)
  • $(j;Y=2013)

Discussion about duration-like modifiers:

offset - constrains stop time to be a certain offset from start time;
        must be 1: year, day
        can be other: month, hour, minute, second
use case: URLS with two time values
         invoking a service with arbitrary time range

span - allows a URL to cover a different duration than that implied by the lowest value date code
      same as Bob's increment, which is therefore dropped
      only allow on m H M S because of natural modulo
      generation: creates only elements that meet the natural modulo
      parsing:    the resulting time range is forced to be of the given duration

duration - global modifier that lets you specifiy the overal time range of the URL

1.3. 20150220

  • RPW Group on campus has lots of data in folders spit out in groups of 100 days, so you have 2014_0XX, 2014_1XX, 2014_2XX and 2014_3XX. This is difficult to represent with our spec. There are also ten-minute files, but these can be represented with $Y$m$d_$H$(M,span=10). Should there be a special switch to ignore the XX part and span 100 days? See


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