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  1. About
  2. Key Request Parameters
  3. Data Access
  4. Dataset Discovery

1. About

TSDSFE is a front-end API to the TSDS, a time series data server.

The API documented here is demonstrated using the web interface at http://tsds.org/get/.

Previously, the back-end was the Java/OPeNDAP-based TSDS 1.0. As of 2014, development of TSDS 1.0 has been discontinued. The new back-end is DataCache.

2. Key Request Parameters

  • catalog The catalog name. Use ^.* to return a list of available catalogs [1]. If only a catalog is given (and no dataset is specified), returns information about datasets in the catalog [2].
  • dataset The dataset in the catalog. Use ^.* to return a list of available datasets in the specified catalog [3]. If only a dataset is given (and no parameters are specified), returns information about parameters in the dataset [4].
  • parameter A comma-separated list of one or more parameters in the dataset. Use ^.* to return a list of available parameters in the specified dataset [5].

The rest of the request parameters are demonstrated using the interface at http://tsds.net/get/.

Note that when return=log, a list of request that match the other query parameters in the request are returned. For example, /?catalog=SSCWeb&dataset=ace&return=log returns the dates for all queries that contained catalog=SSCWeb&dataset=ace. Use more query parameters to limit results.

3. Data Access

Data access options are demonstrated and documented using the interface at http://tsds.net/get/.

4. Dataset Discovery

The default response format all metadata queries is JSON. In all examples below, replacing the ? with # will result the drop-downs at the web interface http://tsds.org/get/ being selected with any specified parameters.

Use the web interface at http://tsds.org/get/ to form requests - the URLs being requested are displayed at the top of the screen.

  • List of all catalogs available (used to populate the first drop-down at [6]; information extracted from [7]):
JSON: http://tsds.org/get/?catalog=^.*
Web interface: http://tsds.org/get/#catalog=^.*
  • List of catalogs with IDs matching a pattern.
JSON: http://tsds.org/get/?catalog=^USGS.*
JSON: http://tsds.org/get/?catalog=SSCWeb&datasets=^.*
Web interface: http://tsds.org/get/#catalog=SSCWeb&datasets=^.*
  • List parameters associated with a given dataset (used to populate the third drop-down at [10] and the dataset documentation. Information extracted from same location as previous.):
JSON: http://tsds.org/get/?catalog=SSCWeb&dataset=ace&parameters=^.*
Web interface: http://tsds.org/get/#catalog=SSCWeb&dataset=ace&parameters=^.*
  • List parameter information for a given set of parameters in parameter list (used to populate the fourth and fifth drop-downs (start and stop times) and parameter information text at [11]):
JSON: http://tsds.org/get/?catalog=SSCWeb&dataset=ace&parameters=X_TOD,Y_TOD,Z_TOD
Web interface: http://tsds.org/get/#catalog=SSCWeb&dataset=ace&parameters=X_TOD,Y_TOD,Z_TOD
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