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1. Overview

TSDS, Time Series Data Server, is a NASA-sponsored project with the objective of developing a single API to a large set of heliophysics data.

To demonstrate its use, we have developed connections to many existing heliophysics data servers or data collections.

In this presentation, we demonstrate the added value TSDS can provide to a the IMAGE magnetometer network data set.

We conclude with a request for permission to allow these data to be served with TSDS and if so a discussion of feature requests.

Note that because of how data requests are made for data from the IMAGE magnetometer data server at, we have created a temporary mirror of the data holdings in order to create a catalog with information about data availability and to allow the data to be served with high throughput. As such, another topic of discussion could be about how to remove the need for such a mirror.

2. Demo

I will do a screen share and go over the TSDS interface at and describe some of the options for the three IMAGE datasets:

Note that this is an open link, but the link has not been advertised so there is very little traffic at this point.

As a preview of some the features,

To see an overview of data from a single component of measurements from an entire magnetometer, see

To see an overview of data from multiple components of measurements from an entire magnetometer, see,Y&start=-P3D&stop=2014-09-30&return=image&format=viviz&type=timeseriessc&style=0

The interface shows requested citation and acknowledgement information, for example, see

History of requests

To see a plot in a PDF file over a 3-day time range, see

To see the measurements used in the PDF file, see,Y,Z&start=-P3D&stop=2014-09-30&return=data&format=ascii-0&type=timeseries&style=0

To read the measurements used in the PDF file into MATLAB, see,Y,Z&start=-P3D&stop=2014-09-30&return=script&format=matlab
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